Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones
Sales Associate
800-462-2856 x410

Born and raised in Richmond,Va. Went to school here, raised a daughter. Have a 83 year old father that we take to church every Sunday, so he can meet the ladies, I'm sure he's doing the praying too. Have always been in sales and customer service. Started with the Hyatt Hotels, here in Richmond, which my mother called the Hyatt House, which is what older Richmonders called it back in the day. Spend most of my life in the restaurant business which taught me to never judge anyone until after I have met them. Spend my spare time collecting vintage paper, mostly baseball cards. Go to auction, flee markets and yard sales and of course, E-Bay. Love the game of golf and being outdoors.

Found the calling for R.V. s after spending time at a camp grounds around Va. R.V. people turned out to some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet. They love the outdoors and their pets. By the way, I have a 80pd black lab named "Marmalaid", that I would never leave behind. Some of my best memories are with my Dad camping, when there was no grass to cut and no work to worry about, I had him all to myself. I would love to help make that happen for others. Thanks for the time and keep R.V. ing.

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