What Our Customers Say About McGeorge's RV

Dear Mr. McNamara,

I would like to personally thank you for McGeorge's participation with the Hanover leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. For several years, your Parts/Rental Manager Carl Muise has arranged the use of an RV to the Hanover Sheriff's Office runners at no expense. Please extend our appreciation to Mr. Muise for his efforts each year providing this service.

The donated RV allows more participation from the Sheriff's Office participants as they travel approximately 14 miles from the Caroline Country line to the Henrico County line. If runners are unable to run the entire leg, they are able to get into the RV and ride until they are able to run again.

I am always appreciative of the support the Sheriff's Office enjoys with the Hanover business community, but particularly when it allows us to partner together to benefit a worthwhile endeavor such as the Special Olympics.


Colonel David R. Hines


Dear Friends,

Please accept this letter of appreciation for some of the most impressive customer service I have ever experienced. On/about March 11 while en route from Maine to Florida I located your business. I was towing an Aliner camper. I had been struggling with opening/setting up and feared the springs were in need of replacement. Without an appointment I drove to your service department.

I was promptly greeted and assisted. Despite the fact the department was busy I was helped by Art Bedard & Jarrell Grooms. Both made me feel welcome and listened to my concerns. A technician, I missed his full name but believe it began with a "K" took responsibility for my camper and within 30 minutes had addressed & corrected the problems! He was very thorough and conscientious.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to have the problems fixed but I was also overwhelmed by the quality of service. Not only was everyone on the team courteous & professional but the issues were resolved with a complete explanation for a reasonable charge! While I and my dogs waited I made some purchases of things I had not found elsewhere. It was a "win win" for me!

I have friends in VA who I have shared this experience with. May my small effort to promote your business be returned to you 100 times over!

This trip was not planned as I was responding to a family emergency. The care & service from McGeorge's certainly renewed my faith in human nature and American standards of customer service. I thank you!

Dear Nat,

We came to McGeorge's on December 31 for an inside electrical problem on our Itasca Meridian. The inside outlets were not working and in order to run an oxygen machine we had to put an extension cord out a window at campgrounds. That was clumsy.

We called ahead and were able to get a quick appointment. When we arrived Mark Johnson and Terry Granger took care of our problem in short order. The whole experience was positive, even though we were there on New Year's Eve. The rest of our trip was pleasant and we didn't need that extension cord anymore!

Our compliments to your employees that were both professional and friendly, not to mention efficient. Finding and fixing the problem took just one hour.

As long time RV owners we continue to believe Winnebago makes fine products and places like McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV give us the assurance that when a problem arises there is a "team" to handle it.


Trevelyn and Dorothy


Just a quick note to let you know how much Linda and I appreciated working with your dealership. In particular we worked with Mike Mercier and Ron Vraux.

Linda and I own a small business and use an RV (5th wheels) to travel our 14 state territory. Being in sales ourselves we are always keen on watching other sales people we encounter to see how they do what they do well. Your guys did EVERYTHING well! Oh...at rereading this I remember now there was a service tech who helped fix a couple of last minute things and he was simply excellent too. But sorry I don't remember his name.

Something we have learned as we go into a lot of business ourselves is if we find good people working in the organization it normally starts at the top. If we run into a customer who is a "jerk" there is about a 99% chance that the person at the top is a jerk too.

So this thanks is extended to you too in that you have created an atmosphere where good people want to work.

We have now returned to Florida for a few months of office work before we hit the road again. The Heartland Bighorn 3010RE was a joy to bring home...but was made much more pleasurable by the experience we had buying it and the great guys we got to work with at your dealership.

Have a great Holiday Season!

Gary from FL
Dear Mr. McGeorge,

We picked up our Fleetwood Jamboree yesterday after some routine service, and I simply must compliment and thank you for your terrific staff.

Every time we stop by, Bo Hurst takes the time to chat with us, and he makes us feel both welcome and cared for. Bo personifies the phrase " service after the sale." He always shows genuine concern for our customer satisfaction.

In your service department, both Jarrell and Derrick have been absolutely superb every time we have dealt with them. If you look up words like professional, competent and knowledgeable in the dictionary, you will find pictures of Jarrell and Derrick. Every time we have brought our unit in for service or repair, the work has been done right and finished on time.

This is the second RV we have purchased - the first from another dealer. Both you and the other dealer offered the same products at essentially the same price. In our mind, what sets McGeorge apart is the outstanding people you have like Bo, Jarrell and Derrick.

Thanks you for the great service. We look foward to many years of association with the fine members of your staff.

Michael from VA
We were on vacation and visiting our Daughter and Son-in-law on their horse farm there at Ruther Glen. We arrived on 09-29-12 and set up our RV and then visited until late in the evening. Upon returning to our RV, we thought the temp a little cool and attempted to turn on the gas heat. Could not get it started so, turned the electric valve off and went to bed. Next day, started investigating for problems, using my propane detectior, I discovered a large concentration of gas, under the RV in the vicinity of the gas valve. I then asked the Daughter to find us a RV business, which she did. The first one I called was the closest to us. They were very friendly and stated that they could repair the gas line so I asked if that day or the next would be open. There exact reply was, "goodness no", the soonest we can find an open date is in two weeks. That's when I called your business. I contacted a service representative by the name of Terry Granger who, after listening to my description of the problem, stated that they could take me right in as an emergency. This service rep. was very informative, helpful and kept us advised as to what was found by your service personnel. I was so impressed with him after a couple failures on the way up from Florida and dealing with Camping World. I also noticed all the certificates of accomplishment on the wall behind the service counter. I wished I had had my camera with me so that I could show future service centers what a quality operation looks like. In closing, whenever discussing RV service centers, yours will be recommended to all that will listen. I also wish to acknowledge a Ms. Brittni May, a very cheerful service advisor. Again, thank you for your prompt service, we will use you whenever in the 100 mile radius of your business.
Frank from FL

We just wanted to thank you very much for recently taking care of the repairs to our Gulfstream motorhome so quickly as well as the additional item of the TV. We are very pleased with the results. We do hope that the next time we visit it will be just for regular maintenance and service and not a repair job. Thanks again. George Watson

First and Formost, I have to say what a TEAM you guys are!! We had as Glenn Blake said a situation. Our trailer is still at McGeorge's, they are delivering it at NO CHARGE!! You may already know all the details but we just can't sing their praises loud enough. A Readers Digest version is we were unable to take the saddle brackets from our Terry tongue, so we asked if we could buy them for our Reese Hitch. They didn't have any brackets so we bought a whole new hitch, which Jarrell Grooms handled. They gave us a great deal on a new one.

Chris from the shop put it on for us while we were getting our great teaching walk through. Chris hooks us up and said the tires needed air. He took the unit around back and put air in. He comes back and said he wasn't happy with the feel or whatever and that he called his supervisor to take a look. Glenn came out and looked and said he didn't feel comfotable with the situation. He offered our money back for the hitch and said they would deliver the unit to us. We never had trouble towing with the Suburban but I guess the suspension wasn't heavy enough to handle the tongue weight of the trailer. Maybe because the Suburban is a little older and the suspension has weakened.

They were all so concerned and helpful! So in a nut shell...we kept the hitch since we need it anyways and they will deliver the Holiday Rambler.

I just want to pass on to whoever your boss is what a team he has working for him. We got there about 7:30 AM, we were early. Each person that was coming in to work smiled and said good morning how can we help you ...There's fresh coffee ect...

This is our 5th trailer and we have dealt with different dealerships, NEVER have we been treated like McGeorge's treats their customers!! Anyone I know that will be looking for a camper will be told about how McGeorge's treats people!

Please pass on our thanks again to all the wonderful and caring folks that we dealt with. I can't say how much their concern for our safety meant to us!

Steve is looking in the paper right now looking for a truck. We have time before we head to the beach. We will be getting a new one.

Again thank each and every one again for us Please!

Steve & Joyce
Dear Mr. McNamara,

I am in Richmond because of the recent storm - Irene. I am driving one of our Mobile Claim Office (MCO) units - a 40ft. Winnebago Vectra, custom built with adjuster workstations, communication systems, ect., which allows us to serve our policyholders and agents "on site".

I arrived this Monday past and immediately had problems with two (2) of the "slide-outs". I called your facility late Monday afternoon and spoke with Jay Allen Duff, Service Advisor - what a pleasure! I explained my problem and asked if McGeorge's had a mobile unit that could come to my location. Jay advised McGeorge's did not have a mobile unit but took my name & telephone number and called me early this Tuesday morning past. Jay understood my situation and advised someone may be able to come that afternoon.

That same day (Tuesday) I begin to have generator problems. I called Jay and arranged to have the MCO at your facility this Wednesday morning past for repairs.

The slide out and generator problems were repaired that same day, allowing us to resume duties on the MCO unit.

I want you to know Jay was most helpful, courteous, and professional, but above all conveyed an attitude of concern and care regarding our problems.

It was a real pleasure meeting Jay and the service tech, Bryan Lambert, who repaired our unit. Also, I met Glenn Blake, Director or Service Operations, who overcame a parts problem for the unit.

I was advised throughout the day by Jay regarding the status of repairs and a concern for my comfort while waiting.

Please convey my appreciation to the above named individuals and the rest of your staff. Everyone I met expressed a concern of "Customer First" and an attitude of "What can we do to help"!!!!! Your staff is what made my visit to your facility a most rewarding experience.

Many, many thanks for the prompt attention to our problems.

Mr. Edward McNamara,

I recently had service work done at your establishment and was asked to complete the comment card attached to the copy of my bill, which I will gladly do. However, I have some things to tell you that I can't possibly fit on that card, hence this letter. I know you are a busy man, but as the leader of this great organization, I felt that you should hear my story.

First, I want you to know that I was introduced to your facility by some dear friends of mine (Karen & Ron Smith) who recently purchased an RV there and highly recommended your services. This was key to my coming to your place of business for repair work as an internet search of comments did not favor very well...however, I trust my friends instinct and brought my unit to McGeorge's for some warranty work and additional repairs. Although I had a good experience the first time I bought my unit there, it was the second time (and the service advisor) I dealt with that made me craft this note to you. Ms. Jay Allen Duff was the advisor that I dealt with on the second occasion to bring my unit in for repairs and could not be more satisfied with the entire process.

Ms. Duff was extremely courteous and helpful the day I brought my unit in...to the extent that she even tracked down the service tech who performed the first repair, so that I could speak directly to him and advise what problems I was still having. She later called me with an estimate of what my costs were to fix the problems (very reasonable) and remained cheerful and pleasant during the phone conversation.

I was unexpectedly called out to the West Coast on business and remained there for several weeks, to include the time frame when the service work on my unit was completed, and I explained my dilemma in not being able to pick up the unit in a timely manner to Ms. Duff, to which she responded "No Problem". Just take care of it when you get back into town. That in itself is commendable, but what Ms. Duff did AFTER that goes well above and beyond helpfulness and true professionalism.

I'll explain, during my absence we had a couple of weather related incidents (earthquake/hurricane) to which Ms. Duff sent me emails while I was on the West Coast informing me that my

unit was safe, and that it had been started up on several occasions to ensure it remained in good working condition. And she asked if my family here on the East coast was OK and if there was anything she could do in my absence.

Sir, that is the ULTIMATE in good customer service. Ms. Duff has been a pleasure to deal with, going well above and beyond what is normally expected and should be commended for her professional and pleasant attitude while dealing with customers.

Because of my positive dealings with Ms. Duff, I will not take my unit anywhere else for service and or repair, and that should speak volumes of what she adds to your operation. I am also considering purchasing another RV, and will obviously come to you folks if and when I make that final decision, as my selling dealer dropped me like a hot potato after I purchased my second unit from them, nor could they service the unit they sold me.

I apologize for this lengthy note, but I felt it necessary to inform you of my positive attitude towards your business, due in large part to the service provided to me by Ms. Jay Allen Duff.

I also wanted to inform you of one other thing...When I picked up my unit this past Thusday, I was heading south to the NASCAR events in Richmond over the weekend. While at the Friday or Saturday evening pre-race I heard an announcement (and viewed it on the GIANT TV Screen) about McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV and it's service to the racing community. I actually heard some applause in the audience after that message.....and wanted to let you know that was awesome advertising!!!

I just wanted to thank you for the great job your Rental team did for the race this week. Carl Muise and Kevin McGeorge went out of their way to make our rental really smooth. We have been renting from you for a few years now. Carl Muise is just perfect to deal wtih. See you in 2012 for the sprint and fall race. We would not rent anywhere else except from McGeorge's and Carl Muise. You have a great person in Carl.
Dear Mr. Melton and Associates,

Not often in this day and time, do we get to brag and uphold salesmanship and respectability from one who truly represents the product that is sold to the consumer. I have personally had this experience with you and the firm whom you represent. From the very first time that we met and talked about my purchasing a camper, you took that extra time to go through every detail involving the purchase answering all questions, and explaining in detail the in's and out's of everything that was asked of you. My personal thanks not only go out to you but to all your staff. They were not only informative and pleasant to talk with, but above all, knowledgeable in every detail about the camper that I purchased. I appreciate the introductions of all employees and certainly thank them for giving me (the buyer) the help, guidance and the necessary time to explain in detail every aspect of the camper. I have taken my camper out 2 or 3 times since purchase, and have enjoyed every moment while being on the road and while set up. Again thank you and the whole staff for the utmost in camping experience.

Norman from VA
Parts & Service Department

Thank You!!

Just wanted to thank you for your help Monday 7/25/11, for finding a leaf spring for our Jayco Trailer.

You went out of your shop to find us the size we needed.

We really appreciated your help.

Thanks so much.

Phyllis & Garry
We've been RV'ing for close to twenty years and have visited many RV dealerships for service. The majority of the time, the service has been marginal, with a few exceptions. McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV in Ashland, VA is one of those exceptions and one that other dealers would do well to emulate! I'm not addressing one individual or service, but the whole organization from the top to the custodial folks. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable during our visit. The Customer Lounge was very comfortable and clean, with free coffee, soda, water and snacks. All areas of the dealership were well maintained.

We showed up on the doorstep Monday June 27, 2011 without an appointment for an apparently failed Dimension Inverter/Charger and no dash air conditioning. Service Advisors, Jay Duff and Terry Granger welcomed us before the posted "Opening" time and documented our concerns. Glenn Blake, Director of Service Operations, was advised of our problems and that our "Winnie" was our home. He took the reins and had a service technician on the job within 30 minutes of our arrival.

In summary, our issues were handled in a professional manner and we were out the door June 29, 2011 to include a full chassis service. We also appreciate the expedited over-night shipment of Dimension Inverter by Winnebago. As I've stated on several RV internet forums, the Achilles heal of the RV industry is, in my opinion, the dealer support network. We have found our service center for annual manintenance as we travel thoughout this great country.

We"ll be in Foriest City on August 1, 2011 for serveral problems that have been an on-going issue since we purchased our Winnie in January 2010.

John & Marilyn
We purchased an RV earlier this year and loved it. As first time RV'ers we began to notice the things we would really like to have. So we started looking. We even went "up the street" to that other RV store and got the standard " you need to buy it now because it won't be here Monday" sales pitch.

So we headed back to McGeorge to find Charles. Charles listened to what we were looking for and matched us to the perfect unit larger than what we had. We test drove it and fell in love. He knew about all the features of the RV and did a thorough job in explaining them. Next came the numbers.

Charles handled the negotiations with Nat and came back with an offer that worked for us. Now financing , Ron "Da Man" had us financed and paper work done in less than 30 minutes.

We took delivery this past Saturday and took the class with Monty who was patient as I kept asking questions. And then off to WVA and it handled like a charm. We couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks to the McGeorge "A Team" for our dream RV.

Jerry and Adrienne
My husband and I were on our way to see my son who just got back from Iraq. He is currently a Lt. Col. training a battalion to return to war. Although our trailer is new, we had a wreck in the rain on a very small campsite in West Virginia. When we bought the RV, we bought the insurance and became part of a network called Route 66, whereby if you are stuck on the road with your RV, the dealers who belong to this Route 66 Network will fix your trailer. By the grace of God, we were close to McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV store in Richmond, VA. They were so helpful not only fixing our RV as soon possible, but also allowing us to spend the night on their lot. I wanted to publicly thank Mr Glenn Blake, Director of Service Operations and the entire staff of McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV Center. They went above and beyond the call of duty. We live in Texas and they were angels.


We recently purchased a used 2004 Coachman Chaparral camper from Brenton Ruigrok. My husband and I are repeat customers with your company. I wanted to share how happy we were with our shopping and buying experience.

Having had a few different types of campers in the past and having an autistic son we knew the features we needed. My husband and I have been looking at campers for over a year. I looked through your website and narrowed my search to five campers. Afterwards I contacted the Sales Department.

Brenton Ruigrok was the salesman who assisted us. He helped make the entire process painless. I explained our needs and the reasons behind them. We discussed the campers I had picked out and narrowed it down to three. At this point I made an appointment so we could walk through the campers. We knew that our son would be final decision-maker in our purchase.

Brenton was very accommodating and helpful. Our questions were answered and then some. He also made some suggestions when we were making our decision. Brenton allowed us the time needed to make the necessary decision. We didn't have a necessary sized vehicle to pull the camper with. We inquired about having the camper delivered. Not only was the new camper delivered to our campsite but they were kind enough to take our pop-up, which was traded in, back to the dealership for us.

We are extremely happy with our camper as well as the purchasing process. If we were to purchase again we would ask for Brenton. We have already passed his name to a friend who is interested in a new camper.

Greg & Beth
Dear Mr Glenn Blake (Service Manager),

This letter is in reference to Terry Granger. My wife and I recently purchased our second travel trailer from your company, an Outback FL260. After much research, we decided that we wanted to return to a company with a high quality service department. Our Previous encounters with Terry led us back to McGeorge's RV. Tery helped us resolve several technical issues with our 2009 Fun Finder X. Terry has always responded promptly with our questions, phone calls, and emails.

After the recent purchase of our Outback, we encountered a problem bringing our travel trailer home. The service technician improperly placed the electrical cord in a position where it made contact with the road. Approximately 10 miles from our house, we no longer had lights or brakes a dangerous situation. Needless to say, we were very dissapointed and discouraged with our new purchase.

After speaking with Terry, we knew he would take care of the situation. Terry was able to resolve the incident in a timely matter, much to our satisfaction. Again, because of Terry's expertise, professionalism, and friendly manner, we will continue to be satisfied customers of McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV.


We wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done to make sure that the delivery of our new Fifth Wheel was a pleasurable experience. On the first day that we met you, I asked you if you were a salesmen that cared about his customers or one that just sold units and moved on, you politely informed me that customer satisfaction was your main goal, and even if it meant service work on the RV after our purchase. I must say that you have truly been a man of your word! From contacting Heartland about factory changes or questions, remaining abreast of the unit delivery, to hopping on the tractor yourself and hooking up to the unit- YOU DID IT!

I must say that is the first time I have ever seen a salesman jump on a tractor to personally assist his customer. You are truly not a salesperson that just counts his sales numbers and moves on. Your dedication to customer satisfaction, as you stated that first day is truly your number 1 goal and it is very evident in all that you do. We will gladly recommend you and McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV to anyone we come in contact with looking to purchase a new or used RV.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Tim & Debbie
My wife and I have been traveling on the road for business for the past few years and have grown tired of packing/unpacking, finding pet friendly long term accomodations, never knowing who had been in our bed before us, etc. etc. We had been looking at RV's for a while, but had never found anything that was in our price range and met all our needs at the same time. Until...

We came to McGeorge's 2/2/2011 and walked out the proud owners of a 2010 Jayco Eagle 318 RLS. The reason...Mike Mercier. Mike asked us a few questions and then took us to only 4 models before we had zeroed in on exactly what we needed at a price we could afford. Each model we visited, he asked us what we liked and what we didn't like. He was relaxed, friendly, low key, knowledgeable, and really listened to what we said.

We came back 2/9/2011 to get our RV and were very impressed with another team member of McGeorge's. By the time our paperwork was complete, Brian Kelley had suggested, gathered and tallied all the extras that we would need. It wasn't just the job he did, but the attitude with which he did it that made the difference. Since that day, my wife has called a couple of times with questions about the trailer and Brian has been able to help her each time without making her feel the questions were unimportant or foolish.

Attitude, honesty and integrity are important to us. One day we hope to upgrade to a larger trailer and we would definitely come back to McGeorge's and ask for the salesman who possesses all three, Mike Mercier. He has a customer for as long as he's in the business. In the meantime, we will refer our friends in that same direction.

Thank you and your team for making our experience such a positive one.

Ado and Lynda
Dear Ed Mcnamara,

My wife and I would like to express our thoughts and feelings concerning our recent purchase experience at McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV.

It started from the first phone call to your RV Specialist Alvin Banks.

His attitude and honesty showed through the phone as we were 600 miles away. We felt comfortable and confident that we were dealing with a good company.

Attempting to purchase a trailer from such a distance is a task in itself without the headace of fear in the background.

Alvin walked out to the trailer for us with his cell phone and called me describing everything he saw, both good and bad and knowing his past experience I felt we were getting honesty with all his information.

Upon my arrival Alvin greeted me and led me to the trailer. Without any pressure I looked over the trailer and found the trailer was as he explained in accurate detail to his description.

Taking their time each department helped us through the process of attaining our dream trailer.

Your complete Staff is outstanding and far above other RV Centers we have been to and dealt with.

Thank you for making our dream come true with such honesty and friendliness.

Our 600 mile trip was well worth the venture and would not hesitate to do it again with McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV.

I intend on letting the people of GoodSams club and Trailer Life of such a well established business.

Bob & Sue
The Price and our Sales Representative Alvin were both extremely nice. Alvin was very customer friendly and his knowledge of the vehicle was impressive. He was patient with us throughout our experience at the dealership. Immediately after he came out of his morning Sales meeting, he offered his service to us.

Thank You

Marie & Pete
We enjoyed sitting down with Bo before we looked at the RV's. Bo was able to serve our family's wants and needs by knowing what we were looking for. He took the time to get to know us!!

The atmosphere in the dealership was calm and friendly!! We felt no pressure, which made our shopping and purchasing experience more enjoyable!! We recieved everything we were looking for in an RV, PLUS MUCH MORE!!

The inventory at McGeorge's was incredible! We had a wide selection to choose from. Bo was honest and upfront with us the whole time. We had so many choices, we didn't feel hemmed into a limited supply with our price range.

Mick & Kym
Dear Glenn and Team,

This is a small token of my appreciation to you for making our dream a reality. Thank you for your professionalism, commitment, great customer relationship and service. We are very proud of our medical mobile unit and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Dr. Sumner from DC
Dear Mr. McGeorge,

I want to thank you and Mr. McNamara for resolving the incident I had with the repair of my refrigerator. You were both kind and I appreciate your efforts.

Your Service Manager called and advised me that McGeorge RV was going to refund a sizable portion of the repair bill. Even though I was not expecting this, I want to say that this confirms my belief that if you deal with reputable people, you can expect to be treated well. The reputation for which you should be proud.

Again, I thank you!

F from VA
Thanks so much to the McGeorge team for making our buying experience such a pleasure. Starting with Charles, our sale rep, Nat who worked the deal, Ron for making the finances happen, Monty for explaining how it all works and Richard for making sure we had what we needed.

What a great team and you made us feel so welcome.

Jerry & Adrienne from VA
Subject: Another great experience

Let me upgrade you.

We purchased an RV earlier this year and loved it. As first time RVers we began to notice the things we would really like to have. So we started looking. We even went "up the street" to that other RV store and got the standard "you need to buy it now because it won't be here Monday" sales pitch.

So we headed back to McGeorge to find Charles. Charles listened to what we were looking for and matched us to the perfect unit larger than what we had. We test drove it and fell in love. He knew about all the features of the RV and did a thorough job in explaining them. Next came the numbers.

Charles handled the negotiations with Nat and came back with an offer that worked for us. Now for financing. Ron "Da Man" had us financed and paper work done in less than 30 minutes.

We took delivery this past Saturday and took the class with Monty who was patient as I kept asking questions. And then off to WVA and it handled like a charm. We couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks to the McGeorge "A Team" for our dream RV

Jerry & Adrienne from VA
Dear Mr. McGeorge,

I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent service that I recently received from a number of your men in the parts and service departments.

Parts Associate Brian Kelley helped me select a special awning for our RV. Even though he is very knowledge about his products, he called the factory in my presence to verify a specific point. I appreciate his expertise and patience, which enabled me to identify the exact awning that met our needs.

Because this involved an insurance claim, I was referred to Service Advisor Sean Warholic. He and Service Director Glenn Blake explained the process to me and then coordinated all the details with my insurance agent. Glenn handled everything perfectly with the agent without me having to be involved at all.

Unfortunately, when it was time for me to tow the RV to your facility, I had just returned from a short stay in the hospital after being treated for a blood clot in the thigh. This caused my doctor to postpone my surgery for prostate cancer, which was scheduled for November. Consequently, I requested that we wait until spring to install the awning.

I received a prompt response from Sean that he and Glenn had decided to send two of their men to pick up the RV at my home and return it after the work was completed, without a charge for the towing. What a joy it was to receive such a wonderful offer at a time like that.

As coordinated by Sean, Buddy Williams and Derek Taylor picked up and returned the RV as planned. They took plenty of time to back the RV into a difficult spot, line it up exactly as needed for the slides and awning to go out, and pull it up on boards so the tires would be off the ground. Then, they demonstrated in detail for my wife and me how to operate the awning. We both appreciate their time and patience.

Mr.McGeorge, I appreciate your folks going more much than the extra mile to accommodate me. They were all very professional and pleasant to work with. Be assured that we will return to your business when we need service again or are interested in purchasing a new RV.

George from VA

I want to pass along my "THANKS" to your team that serviced my 05 Fleetwood Bounder this past few days for a good job.

I won't try to name everyone that had a hand in getting the job done. Shawn's telephone calls keeping me updated was very much appreciated. Keeping the customer informed on the progress and relaying any new problems is of the utmost importance. He did a great job.

The service technician provided an informative review of what he had worked on enlighten me on several other RV functions that I was not aware of.

Your team I believe is trying to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Thanks for all the help your team has provided.

Kind Regards,

John from VA

I want to thank you and your team for the extraordinary service you gave to get our motor home back in service. I fully expected to have a fight on my hands to get things fixed. I really appreciate the extra effort you went through to help us with the warrantee items. Even though we had to buy replace the batteries and the fan for the microwave, It's still less that i expected to correct everything.

We took the rig out last week and it performed well. Please thank your team for us. My family and I appreciate your service.


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