McGeorge's RV Travel Guide

RV Travel Survival Guide and Checklist

Are you itching to take to the road and explore the country in an oasis on wheels? I thought so!

To get ready for your next RV expedition, use the RV Travel Survival Guide created by McGeorge’s Rolling Hills RV, the nation’s largest dealership, to help prepare you for your future RV adventure. Whether you’re an experienced RV traveler or a novice, it never hurts to be too prepared! And as always, visit McGeorge's RV for all your new and used RV's and campers. You won't be sorry you did!

Perform pre-trip maintenance to make sure that your mobile home is safe and in good condition.

    • Keep list of emergency contacts and repair shops
    • Check tire pressure
    • Fill up antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid to suggested level
    • Inspect turn signals and headlights
    • Make sure fire extinguisher is full
    • Test smoke alarms

Organize Your Belongings to Save Space

  • Use plastic bags in place of original packaging
  • Hang containers on walls
  • Use s-hooks to hang cooking tools and utensils
  • Instead of hanging clothes, stack on shelves
  • Use easy-to-remove wall hooks
  • Add slip guards in storage spaces to reduce movement
  • Consider collapsible laundry hamper and bins

Bring These Essential Personal and Food Items

  • First aid kit
  • Sunblock
  • Medications
  • Travel Cooler
  • Cookware and plasticware
  • Dried food products (i.e. cereals, granolas, fruits)
  • Minimal canned food
  • Condiments

Store These Suggested Tools and Supplies On Board In Case of An Emergency

  • Basic tool kit
  • Smart phone and atlas
  • Fuses, jumper cables and battery jump start booster
  • Light bulbs and flashlight
  • Flat repair spray
  • Nuts, bolts and connectors
  • Duct tape and pocket knife
  • Road flares and hiking gear

Leave The Following Unnecessary Items Behind

  • Large amounts of water storage unless visiting secluded areas
  • Breakables like glasses or ceramic plates
  • Non-essential electronics
  • Bad attitude – this is a time to relax, so slow down…what’s the rush?

Now that you’ve learned how to properly prepare for an RV trip, start planning yours today!